Who can sign a pledge card?

Phoenix residents older than 16 years old

What will my pledge card be used for?

To show city council members that there is support in their district for the ONE PHX ID.

Where’s my personal information on the pledge card going?

Your personal information will stay with the ONE PHX coalition. Your personal information will not be given to the city.

Who can obtain a ONE PHX ID?

All Phoenix residents

What can I use the ONE PHX ID for?

The ONE PHX ID is used to unite the community, for discounts, for identification purposes when dealing with the city and city services, and to be able to identify yourself with other institutions.

Is it a like a license?

No, in order to drive you must apply and receive a driver’s license through the AZ MVD.

Will this ID give me any kind of immigration status?

No, immigration cases are handled by the state and federal governments

Can I use my ONE PHX ID in other cities?

It depends on each municipality and institution on whether they will accept the ONE PHX ID.

When will I be able to obtain a ONE PHX ID?

If the city chooses to pass the proposal then the project will move on to the next phase. We will keep the public informed on a start date.

Who will provide the ONE PHX ID?

The city will do a contract with a financial institution to provide the ONE PHX ID.

How does the city benefit from this if they will not be the ones printing them?

By not printing ONE PHX IDs, or printing less city services cards, the city actually saves taxpayers’ money.

What’s going to happen to my library/community center card?

Nothing, you will still continue to use your existing cards.